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Nikon AF lenses Overview

Automatic AF


Intro 1986. Autofocus Camera driven. Compatible with all Digital except d40, d40x, d60


Nikon AF Lenses, introduced in 1986 were the first of Nikon's lenses to include autofocus.

Nikon still offer a current range of AF lenses. The way in which the lense is turned to focus is via a mechanical link to the host camera. On inspection of the rear of the lens, a small recessed "Screw Head" is visible. In inspection of the lense mount on the camera a small recessed "Srew driver head" is visible. This engages with the screww head to turn the lens when mounted.


All Nikon Digital SLRs except the D40, D40x and D60 work with the autofocusing aspect of Nikon AF lenses.

The D40, D40x and D60 cameras do not have the "Screw driver head" neither do they have the motor in the camera to drive it which partially explains their compactness.


All Nikon Digital SLRs work with All AF and AF-D lenses.


Digital Vari Program, P (program), S (shutter priority), A (Aperture priority) M (Manual).

All Nikon Digital SLRs work with All AF and AF-D lenses.


All Nikon AF Lenses have AF written on the lense.

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