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Nikon AF-S Lenses Overview

Automatic AF-S


Intro 1982. Autofocus with Silent Wave Internal Focus Motor.


Nikon AF-S Lenses, introduced in 2003 are the mainstream current top-end range for Nikon digital and film cameras.

AF means autofocus and the -S denotes an internal Silent Wave Motor to drive the focus ring.

Unlike the DX range of lenses, these are designed for the full sized 36mm sensor but will fit onto any Nikon digital camera and be fully operational.

By fully operational, this means that the autocous will work on any digital camera, unlike the AF without the -S because they have their own internal motor drive, and therefore simpler digital camera's with no motor drive of their own, (D40, D40x, D60) can also use them.

If there is an equivalent DX version, however, the DX version is less expensive and just as good if you are buying it for use only on a DX camera (ie one with a 24mm sized Sensor)


All Nikon Digital SLRs work with the autofocusing aspect of Nikon AF-S lenses.


All Nikon Digital SLRs metering works with all AF-S lenses.


Digital Vari Program, P (program), S (shutter priority), A (Aperture priority) M (Manual).

All Nikon Digital SLRs work with All AF-S lenses.


All Nikon AF Lenses have AF-S written on the lense and do NOT have the additional DX written on the lense.

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