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Lens: AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E II

We are grateful to Nikon Corporation for this photograph.

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We are grateful to Nikon Corporation for this photograph.

Key features

  • Designed for AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR lenses
  • Increases the original focal length by 100%
  • Reduces lens aperture by two f-stops
  • Autofocus possible with AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR lenses having maximum aperture of f/2.8
  • New Front Cap BF-3A (can be used as body cap)

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Lens details


Lense Name AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E II


NDB Number -Unique Ref. NDB L88 NDB Number Lense 88 Class Info Automatic AF-S Type Teleconverter Colour Black Year Intro 2001 Current current

Approximate Price

Price Approx £ GB New Info 266.00 Price approx $US new 408.92 Price approx Euro new 300.58 Year price last checked Info 2008 Price £ GB Auction 193.00 Price $US Auction 296.70 Price Euro Auction 218.09 Year price last checked Info 2009 Auction Count 2 Type of price of Auction U

Focal Length

Focal Length Minimum. Info 0.0 Focal Length Maximum Info 0.0 Equivalent Film Foc. Len. Info  


Aperture Widest 0.0 Aperture Widest Max Zoom 0.0 Aperture Narrowest 0.0 Aperture Narrowest Max Zoom 0.0

Lens Name Features

DX   AF AF-S D Distance Information   G No Aperture Ring.   IF Internal Focusing   ED Extra Low Dispertion N/A VR Vibration Reduction N/A Zoom N Micro   Fisheye  

Nikon Code Features

ASP Ashpherical lens elements   SWM Silent Wave Motor N/A CRC Close-Range Correction Sys   M / A   A/M mode (autofocus + man override)   A-M switch.Locks the focus ring   ML Meniscus Protective Lens   SIC Nikon Super Integrated Coating   RF Rear Focusing   N Nano Crystal Coat   RD Rounded Diaphram   DC Defocus-image Control   HRI High Refractive Index lens  

Physical Features

Elements 7 Groups 6 Weight (gramms( 355 Size 66 x 55mm


Power of Magninication 0.0 Zoom Control  


Filter Size   Filter Frame   Front Filter Attachement   Circular Polarizing Filter   Circular Polarizing Filter2   AF-3 Info   AF-4 Info   Built-in / rear Filter.   Slip On  


View Angle 0.00 View Angle Max Zoom 0.00 Closest 0.00 Maximum reproduction ratio. Info 2.0x Distance Scale   M/A Manual / Automatic Focus   Focus Limit Switch   Focus Preset   Focus Lock Button   Automatic / Manual mode Switch   Infra Red Compensation Scale  


Tripod Mount  


Optional Accessories   Included Accs. Front lens cap BF-3A, Rear lens cap LF-15

Key Features

Key Features  


General Info  

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