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for Geleatin of glass filters up to 77mm (n = no of fileters it can hold)


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News Release Nikon AF-3/AF-4

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce new AF-3 and AF-4 Gelatin Filter Holders for use of gelatin filters, especially larger ones, with virtually any Nikkor lens.

A photographer simply has to mount the holder to an adapter attached to the lens, insert the filter into a slot, and lock the filter stopper. The Nikon gelatin filter holders accommodate gelatin or glass filters up to about 2mm thick. The AF-3 can be used with 3-inch square gelatin filters and Nikkor lenses having an attachment size of 52/62/67/72/77mm. The AF-4 can be used with 4-inch square gelatin filters and Nikkor lenses having an attachment size of 52/62/67/72/77/82/95mm.

Adapters having an attachment size of 52/62/67/72/77mm for the AF-3 and 52/62/67/72/77/82/95mm for the AF-4 are optionally available. The 67/95mm adapters are used for large-and medium-size lenses. The optional UR-4 58-62mm Filter Adapter Ring is for lenses having a 58mm attachment size.

Nikon also offers two dedicated hoods--the HN-36 for the AF-3 and the HN-37 for the AF-4--as available options. Several hoods of equal diameter can be stacked, depending on the focal length of the lens in use.

As new additions to a world-renowned line of photographic accessories, the AF-3 and AF-4 Gelatin Filter Holders extend Nikonís already comprehensive capabilities to make photography more creative without sacrificing convenience.

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