Nikon Data

There are 3 types of lens listings:- Default, Special and Custom.

The default list shows the complete collection of lenses arranged in groups according to their class (DX, AF, AF-s, Ai etc etc). It also shows about 4 columns of data.

The Special listings which show the lenses still grouped according to their class but with a variety of different details. For example Aperture and Focal length arranged in order of maximum aperture; New and second hand prices arranged in order of New price etc etc.

The Custom view builder lets you chose for yourself which of the 50 items of data you want to display. It lets you choose up to 5 items and then choose what order to rank them in (eg price, filter size, focal length etc).

What lens goes with what camera?

The class of lens (DX, AF, AF-s, Ai etc etc) is the determining factor. If you hover your mouse over the class name at the top of each group of lenses in the lens listings, a brief description will pop up. If you click on the class name, then a full description will show you which cameras do what with each class.

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